Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our Contents:

  • All the article, pages, posts that are published by us, related to legal information, Educational News and Knowledges, Legal technical tips and tricks.
  • Indgyan.com never promote illegal and piracy content.
  • We never violate copyrights.
  • All the blog posts are students friendly.
  • People of any age can read our blog posts to increase various knowledge and information.


  • We never copy any content, post, article from any website, but, there may be similar articles anywhere in the internet with same sentences.
  • Information provided in our site is a collection of various online and offline sources.
  • We donot allow any website to copy from our site contents exactly. If we observe anywhere, strict action will be taken.

Website Declaration

  • Indgyan.com is a website which helps its user to improve various Educational knowledge.
  • Still, Indgyan.com do not have any payments acceptance program.
  • Indgyan.com never contact any user asking money or any kind personal information.
  • We have only one contact number, which is 8638316865 (available in WhatsApp also) and only 1 email address which is:    @gmail.com. We donot have any other contact information from where user can contact us, or, we will contact users (if required).

Champaign and Competition

  • We may conduct Interesting Champaign or competition anytime, special in the duration of puja and special occasion, anniversary etc.
  • We will distribute prizes by following the rule we mentioned in the Champaign.
  • Winner may need to provide us necessary documents to collect the prizes. We may store the data for better improvement. We never sell the data to any seller or will never use illegally.
  • One user can win only one prizes in one session.
  • Final decision will be controlled by Indgyan.com admins.

Affiliate Disclosure

  • We may promote any Educational product through our articles from Amazon, Flipkart or any other legal sources.
  • As a promotion, we may rewarded a few commission from advertiser such as amzon, fk etc.

Guest Post

  • Anyone can submit guest post to us.
  • Only legal, copyright free, Educational, students friendly articles will be accepted.
  • Article should be of at least 500 words.
  • Guest editor can include maximum three (3) links of his own site (if any).
  • Before publishing it, we will review it and the article may be edited a few  by us if required.


  • Advertiser can contact us through email or call.
  • Prices for ads placement are different.
  • We also accept sponsored posts (must be students friendly)