Do Indian people hate the Korean pop culture?


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Do Indian men hate BTS or other music band? Do people actually know about the  Korean pop culture ? Let’s find out the answers in this beautiful  article!


        [Well, instead of using the term “hate”, we should use the term “dislike”. Coz “hate” is such a strong word to describe about another country’s culture , right?]

First of all, It will be good to know about the korean popular (pop) culture before judging it. Korean men usually love clean shaved face rather than a bearded face. Because clean shiny look is recognised as more attractive than a bearded face.


In Korean culture, people usually do plastic surgeries to look good. Most of the Korean women do plastic surgeries on their face after graduation as they prefer clean shiny white look. They usually go for a plastic surgery after their graduation.

Is k-pop famous in India? Do Indian people actually know about K-pop?

Well, according to a recent survey,  only 33.4% of the Indians know about Korean pop culture. But sorry to say that majority of these people, who have knowledge about K-pop, dislike the K-pop culture.

BUT the question is why most of the indian people hate the K-pop culture?

The answer of this question is very simple – the korean culture. Yea, because of the difference between the korean and the Indian culture, most of the Indians dislike K-pop.

As we already mentioned, In korean culture, Men love to have a clear shaved look rather than a bearded or hairy face. The clean shaved look is reorganised as more attractive than a bearded look in korean culture.

But, in India, Men usually have a bearded face which is very normal and it’s a symbol of male dominance in Indian culture. And there is a stereotype in India that if a man doesn’t have beard or mustache on his face then he is probably a gay or homosexual etc…etc.


And the Another reason is might be the toxic fanbase of the k-pop music band. If anyone criticize the songs or dramas of a k-pop band or group on the internet, you could see many abusive comments from the toxic fans of the respective kpop band.


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