10 Proven Tips: Crack SBI IBPS PO in first attempt without Coaching

how to crack sbi ibps po in first attempt without coaching

How to Crack SBI IBPS PO in First Attempt Without Coaching within 3 Months

Is this possible to crack ibps and sbi probationary officer PO in first attempt without coaching within few months?

YES! Why not? It is really possible to crack probationary officer exams in first attempt.

But, Study duration may be varient student to student. Some students can crack by studying it in 3 months, even 1 months too. But, this may not possible for everyone. But, it is 100% possible for every single students to crack ibps po in first attempt without any coaching classes or tuitions.

Do you know? Only below 1% students succcess in these exams in every session. That is why, we must have a proper steps to study, proper ways for preparation.

In this post, we will discuss Every single most important, proper and perfect steps to study for such exams and the best preparation strategies.

As we know, IBPS, specially SBI PO is one of the highest salaried job in INDIA after graduation in any streams. So, who do not want this job? But, It is not easy to qualify in such exams without a proper practice and preparation. I have shared everything here, actually how to study, what should be our preparation strategies etc.

And last one thing, I have shared some premium secret tips and steps here, which you will not get anywhere else for free. I have shared it only for my readers. Yes, you can get the basics from anywhere just like YouTube, but, you will not get these tips anywhere. Let us start now without wasting our time.

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10 Proven Ways To Prepar and Crack SBI IBPS PO in First Attempt:

1. Make a Very Strong Aim

Firstly, Make sure yourself that you can crack it. For this, your aim must be strong. Let me clear this:

We can see, few students apply for different jobs because –

  • Their friends do
  • As per the suggestions from other
  • Your relative force you to apply etc…

These should not be the reason for your preparations. Your main reason should be:  You –

  • Love bank job
  • Want to be a probationary officer.
  • Can do everything for it.
  • Will surely crack it.
  • You are the best, and you will crack it.

These reasons can always motivate you in every moment. That is why your aim should be strong. So, ask yourself, ask your mind, why do you apply for the job? Find a strong reason, follow it in every moment, and if so, only even 3 months is also enough for preparation to crack ibps sbi po.

2. Know Selection Procedure

A candidate, who wants to crack the ibps or sbi po exam in the first attempt must know and follow the selection processes. Okay, we have provided the selection processes below:

  • Firstly, Candidates need to qualify in first prelims test which is a complete computer based exam.
  • After qualifying in prelims test, they have to appear and qualify in Mains test. (Computer based)
  • Finally, after qualifying in main exam, candidates need to appear in an interview.
  • Final Merit list will be formed as per the main and interview test. No marks will be added in merit list from prelims.

I think, You are thinking about cut of marks, right? Donot worry dear, get an idea about ibps prelims cut off marks from the year 2019-2020 below:

59.75 53.50 46.25 21.25 44.50 52.25 20.75


IBPS PO 2019 Mains Cut Off Marks:

Category Marks Out of 225
General 71.25
OBC 65.88
EWS 70.25
SC 55.63
ST 38.13
HI 41
OC 46.13
VI 70.50
ID 45.88



Know more Click here.

3. Study Marks Pattern and Syllabus 

Next step is study the complete marks distribution and syllabus for prelims as well as mains. Our aim is to crack the exam in first attempt. So, we should follow both of the syllabus from first day of preparation.

Do not worry! We have enclosed the complete syllabus for IBPS or SBI PO PDF Download links. Kindly click on download to access the syllabus in pdf files.

Download Syllabus (PDF)

4. Collect Perfect and Exact Study Material

It’s time to start our preparations. You should try both online and offline preparations methods.

When we discuss about online learning platforms, Youtube is the best and completely free methods. There are many channels available in youtube, who really deliver best, perfect and exact knowledge. There are many tutors available in many youtube channels such as wifistudy, adda247, uacademy etc, that you can follow regularly for all subjects.

When we talk about offline preparation, you have to purchase few books. These books are available in online as well as offline markets. Some highly recommended (by toppers and qualified students) are listed below.

1. Best IBPS SBI PO English Grammar Books by S.K.Bakshi – Click here!
2. English Grammar Application Practice Books by Arihant – Click here!
3. Best Mathematics Notesbook by Rakesh Yadav – Click here!
4. Mathematics Practice Book (Premium Tutorial) – Click here!
6. Banking Awareness books (must buy) – Click here!
7. Best Reasoning books by Adda247 – Click here!
8. Some More Best Must buy Bank PO books by Experts – Click here!
9. Latest Current Affairs book for PO – Click Here!


Must purchase these books just after you apply for ibps or sbi po exams. Follow both online and offline methods, that means, study books regularly.

5. Start Active and Regular Study


After studying selection processes and syllabus, it is time to start your preparations. We have shared some tips to clear English, Mathematics and Reasoning contents below.

Clear English Language Knowledges:

When we talk about English Language for IBPS or SBI PO, First option is to read daily newspapers. It helps to know unknown words, phrase, and to clear necessary grammar rules. It also provides Current Affairs and General Knowledges.

If you do not have the habit to read newspapers, you should start reading newspaper from the content which you prefer the most. For example, if you like to read sports section, you can start from it. A recommendation from qualified students is that, you should study at least one article from edictor picks and one article from Economy Section must.

Additionally, You must read grammar books. To crack IBPS or SBI PO, we do not require to know high level grammar, but we must have clear concepts in usual contents. We have listed some books which are followed by toppers in study material section. Purchase them and start your preparations. Toppers also suggest us to watch english grammar classes from YouTube (you can choose any good channel out of wifistudy, Unacademy etc).

crack sbi ibps po - best ibps sbi po motivational line status

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Clear Mathematics:

Offline study is best for it. Moreover, to know shortcut tips and various tricks, one can follow online classes in Youtube specially.

We have listed some books in study material section for Mathematics practice. One should study at least 1.5 hour only Mathematics before 3 months of exams. Candidates should gradually increase the study duration to 4-5 hours around exam days for Mathematics.

Online mock test is the best option to practice. There are a lots of Website available who provides free online mock test for ibps and sbi po (google it). Access them for free and start practicing.

Clear Reasoning:

One should start from lower level Reasoning. Do not start the high level Reasoning problems  directly. Everything is important.

Moreover, you can follow adda247 books for Reasoning practice. Try online mock test for it. You should spend at least 1-2 hour for it from starting.

6. Online Mock Test

The best method for practice is Online mock test.

One can practice Mock test for IBPS/SBI PO for free or paid in various sites. There are hundreds of Website available which provides free and paid online mock test for PO exams. Just google it and you will see many websites.

Candidates should take mock test every sunday (must) initially. Mock tests helps to know students weak parts, time management and more.

7. Time Management:

It is very important. It is not enough if you can solve any problems accurately, you must also need to solve it within seconds.

Even Prelims test consists of 100 questions, and you have to solve it within 60 minutes. You have to solve 35 Mathematics problem within 20 minutes.

So, You must know how to manage your time. You should be too much speedy. That is why, learn to manage time, learn to solve within minutes from the first day of your preparations.

8. Know Your Weak Point:

While taking mock test, while practicing Regularly, you should always focus on your weak points (parts).

After knowing your weak points, try to clear it as fast as possible. Keep practicing that content.

9. Stay Motivated

sbi ibps po motivational status best motivational quotes

Motivation is a magic. This magic can change a people. Demotivation can kill a brain.

You should watch motivational movie (language – english preferred) and YouTube videos. To succcess in bank exam, self motivation is a compulsory factor.

While studying your contents, you may feel something tough or easy – but these are very usual. One thing is – you need to study the tough contents more. If so, everything is possible.

Stay motivated. Stay healthy. Keep smiling. These three factors can bring you the spirit to success in any situation.

10. On The Exam Day

Everything Clear?

It’s time to go for the big war. On that day, Get up early, walk in fresh air, think about your future. Control your mind, be fresh.

Just keep in mind that, you are the best. You will crack it in any way.

Repeating again that time management is too much important. Keep it maintain in every situation.

Final Words to Crack Sbi Ibps PO:

So, these are the initial steps you should obey to succcess in any bank exams. It is 100% possible to crack it without any coaching. It is 100% possible by self study.

sbi ibps motivational quotes whatsapp status for inspiration

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Just try to understand your weaker points everyday while practicing, studying. It is very important. Try to clear your weak content as soon as possible.

Repeat every single content as much as you can. Must take 2-3 mock test Every week around exam days. This will teach you how to maintain time management and exam patterns exactly and practically.

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