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Do Indian people hate the Korean pop culture?


Hey! Dear Readers

Do Indian men hate BTS or other music band? Do people actually know about the  Korean pop culture ? Let’s find out the answers in this beautiful  article!


        [Well, instead of using the term “hate”, we should use the term “dislike”. Coz “hate” is such a strong word to describe about another country’s culture , right?]

First of all, It will be good to know about the korean popular (pop) culture before judging it. Korean men usually love clean shaved face rather than a bearded face. Because clean shiny look is recognised as more attractive than a bearded face.


In Korean culture, people usually do plastic surgeries to look good. Most of the Korean women do plastic surgeries on their face after graduation as they prefer clean shiny white look. They usually go for a plastic surgery after their graduation.

Is k-pop famous in India? Do Indian people actually know about K-pop?

Well, according to a recent survey,  only 33.4% of the Indians know about Korean pop culture. But sorry to say that majority of these people, who have knowledge about K-pop, dislike the K-pop culture.

BUT the question is why most of the indian people hate the K-pop culture?

The answer of this question is very simple – the korean culture. Yea, because of the difference between the korean and the Indian culture, most of the Indians dislike K-pop.

As we already mentioned, In korean culture, Men love to have a clear shaved look rather than a bearded or hairy face. The clean shaved look is reorganised as more attractive than a bearded look in korean culture.

But, in India, Men usually have a bearded face which is very normal and it’s a symbol of male dominance in Indian culture. And there is a stereotype in India that if a man doesn’t have beard or mustache on his face then he is probably a gay or homosexual etc…etc.


And the Another reason is might be the toxic fanbase of the k-pop music band. If anyone criticize the songs or dramas of a k-pop band or group on the internet, you could see many abusive comments from the toxic fans of the respective kpop band.

Over The Moon 2020 Full Movie Watch Online at Netflix for Free

over the moon 2020 full movie watch online for free Netflix

” Over The Moon 2020 ” एक एनिमेटेड नेटफ्लिक्स फिल्म है। यह एक अमेरिकी – चीनी फिल्म है। ” OVER THE MOON 2020 NETFLIX MOVIE ” फिल्म ग्लेन कीन द्वारा निर्देशित और झोन कहार द्वारा सह-निर्देशित है।

यह 2020 की सबसे बहुप्रतीक्षित नेटफ्लिक्स एनिमेटेड फिल्म में से एक है। यह फिल्म पूरी तरह से छात्रों के अनुकूल फिल्म है। नेटफ्लिक्स ऐप में लॉन्च होते ही हम मूवी देख पाएंगे।

आइए इस पोस्ट में फिल्म के बारे में चर्चा करते हैं। हम चर्चा करेंगे, यह फिल्म कब लॉन्च होगी, मुफ्त में कैसे देखी जाएगी आदि।

Official Release Date of Over The Moon 2020

“Over The Moon 2020” NETFLIX एप्लीकेशन में LAUNCH होने जा रहा है। Over the moon 2020 फिल्म Netflix पर 23 October, 2020 को रिलीज होगी।


Story of Over The Moon 2020 Full Movie

“ओवर द मून 2020” एक एनिमेटेड संगीतमय फिल्म है। फिल्म की कहानी फी फी नाम की एक लड़की की है।

over the moon 2020 full movie watch online for free Netflix

वह आकाश में उड़ान भरने के लिए रॉकेट जहाज का निर्माण करती है। एक बार वह रॉकेट जहाज से विस्फोट कर गई। वह एक पौराणिक चंद्रमा देवी से मिलने की उम्मीद कर रही है।

Over The Moon 2020 Full Movie Details

Movie Name Over The Moon
Release Date 23 October, 2020
Genre Animation
Mode Movie
Launch On 23 October, 202
Director Glen Keane
Producer Peilin Chou
Animation Sony ImageWork
Written by Audrey Wells
Language ENGLISH


फिल्म “Over The Moon” ऑड्रे वेल्स द्वारा लिखी गई थी। 2017 में, 26 September को, उन्हें पर्ल स्टूडियो द्वारा इस फिल्म की Script लिखने के लिए काम पर रखा गया था। एनीमेशन Sony ImageWork द्वारा किया गया है।

अंत में, 9th February 2018 को, Netflix  ने इसे प्रकाशित करने के लिए स्वीकार कर लिया। लेकिन, दुर्भाग्य से, ऑड्रे वेल्स का 2018 में 4 अक्टूबर को निधन हो गया। ” Over The Moon 2020″ वह आखिरी फिल्म है जो उसने जीवन में काम की है।

Official Trailer of Over The Moon Movie in YouTube

Watch the promo trailer in YouTube Now:

Declaration: eStudyNow.CoM never promote any content related to piracy. We strictly follow all guidelines, rules and regulations of Piracy Content. In this post, we do not have include any kind Download links, stream links etc. We have just included few details related to the contents.


10 Proven Tips: Crack SBI IBPS PO in first attempt without Coaching

how to crack sbi ibps po in first attempt without coaching

How to Crack SBI IBPS PO in First Attempt Without Coaching within 3 Months

Is this possible to crack ibps and sbi probationary officer PO in first attempt without coaching within few months?

YES! Why not? It is really possible to crack probationary officer exams in first attempt.

But, Study duration may be varient student to student. Some students can crack by studying it in 3 months, even 1 months too. But, this may not possible for everyone. But, it is 100% possible for every single students to crack ibps po in first attempt without any coaching classes or tuitions.

Do you know? Only below 1% students succcess in these exams in every session. That is why, we must have a proper steps to study, proper ways for preparation.

In this post, we will discuss Every single most important, proper and perfect steps to study for such exams and the best preparation strategies.

As we know, IBPS, specially SBI PO is one of the highest salaried job in INDIA after graduation in any streams. So, who do not want this job? But, It is not easy to qualify in such exams without a proper practice and preparation. I have shared everything here, actually how to study, what should be our preparation strategies etc.

And last one thing, I have shared some premium secret tips and steps here, which you will not get anywhere else for free. I have shared it only for my readers. Yes, you can get the basics from anywhere just like YouTube, but, you will not get these tips anywhere. Let us start now without wasting our time.

» 103+ High Salary Courses after Class 12th Science Stream

10 Proven Ways To Prepar and Crack SBI IBPS PO in First Attempt:

1. Make a Very Strong Aim

Firstly, Make sure yourself that you can crack it. For this, your aim must be strong. Let me clear this:

We can see, few students apply for different jobs because –

  • Their friends do
  • As per the suggestions from other
  • Your relative force you to apply etc…

These should not be the reason for your preparations. Your main reason should be:  You –

  • Love bank job
  • Want to be a probationary officer.
  • Can do everything for it.
  • Will surely crack it.
  • You are the best, and you will crack it.

These reasons can always motivate you in every moment. That is why your aim should be strong. So, ask yourself, ask your mind, why do you apply for the job? Find a strong reason, follow it in every moment, and if so, only even 3 months is also enough for preparation to crack ibps sbi po.

2. Know Selection Procedure

A candidate, who wants to crack the ibps or sbi po exam in the first attempt must know and follow the selection processes. Okay, we have provided the selection processes below:

  • Firstly, Candidates need to qualify in first prelims test which is a complete computer based exam.
  • After qualifying in prelims test, they have to appear and qualify in Mains test. (Computer based)
  • Finally, after qualifying in main exam, candidates need to appear in an interview.
  • Final Merit list will be formed as per the main and interview test. No marks will be added in merit list from prelims.

I think, You are thinking about cut of marks, right? Donot worry dear, get an idea about ibps prelims cut off marks from the year 2019-2020 below:

59.75 53.50 46.25 21.25 44.50 52.25 20.75


IBPS PO 2019 Mains Cut Off Marks:

Category Marks Out of 225
General 71.25
OBC 65.88
EWS 70.25
SC 55.63
ST 38.13
HI 41
OC 46.13
VI 70.50
ID 45.88



Know more Click here.

3. Study Marks Pattern and Syllabus 

Next step is study the complete marks distribution and syllabus for prelims as well as mains. Our aim is to crack the exam in first attempt. So, we should follow both of the syllabus from first day of preparation.

Do not worry! We have enclosed the complete syllabus for IBPS or SBI PO PDF Download links. Kindly click on download to access the syllabus in pdf files.

Download Syllabus (PDF)

4. Collect Perfect and Exact Study Material

It’s time to start our preparations. You should try both online and offline preparations methods.

When we discuss about online learning platforms, Youtube is the best and completely free methods. There are many channels available in youtube, who really deliver best, perfect and exact knowledge. There are many tutors available in many youtube channels such as wifistudy, adda247, uacademy etc, that you can follow regularly for all subjects.

When we talk about offline preparation, you have to purchase few books. These books are available in online as well as offline markets. Some highly recommended (by toppers and qualified students) are listed below.

1. Best IBPS SBI PO English Grammar Books by S.K.Bakshi – Click here!
2. English Grammar Application Practice Books by Arihant – Click here!
3. Best Mathematics Notesbook by Rakesh Yadav – Click here!
4. Mathematics Practice Book (Premium Tutorial) – Click here!
6. Banking Awareness books (must buy) – Click here!
7. Best Reasoning books by Adda247 – Click here!
8. Some More Best Must buy Bank PO books by Experts – Click here!
9. Latest Current Affairs book for PO – Click Here!


Must purchase these books just after you apply for ibps or sbi po exams. Follow both online and offline methods, that means, study books regularly.

5. Start Active and Regular Study


After studying selection processes and syllabus, it is time to start your preparations. We have shared some tips to clear English, Mathematics and Reasoning contents below.

Clear English Language Knowledges:

When we talk about English Language for IBPS or SBI PO, First option is to read daily newspapers. It helps to know unknown words, phrase, and to clear necessary grammar rules. It also provides Current Affairs and General Knowledges.

If you do not have the habit to read newspapers, you should start reading newspaper from the content which you prefer the most. For example, if you like to read sports section, you can start from it. A recommendation from qualified students is that, you should study at least one article from edictor picks and one article from Economy Section must.

Additionally, You must read grammar books. To crack IBPS or SBI PO, we do not require to know high level grammar, but we must have clear concepts in usual contents. We have listed some books which are followed by toppers in study material section. Purchase them and start your preparations. Toppers also suggest us to watch english grammar classes from YouTube (you can choose any good channel out of wifistudy, Unacademy etc).

crack sbi ibps po - best ibps sbi po motivational line status

» 103+ High Salary Courses after Class 12th Science Stream

Clear Mathematics:

Offline study is best for it. Moreover, to know shortcut tips and various tricks, one can follow online classes in Youtube specially.

We have listed some books in study material section for Mathematics practice. One should study at least 1.5 hour only Mathematics before 3 months of exams. Candidates should gradually increase the study duration to 4-5 hours around exam days for Mathematics.

Online mock test is the best option to practice. There are a lots of Website available who provides free online mock test for ibps and sbi po (google it). Access them for free and start practicing.

Clear Reasoning:

One should start from lower level Reasoning. Do not start the high level Reasoning problems  directly. Everything is important.

Moreover, you can follow adda247 books for Reasoning practice. Try online mock test for it. You should spend at least 1-2 hour for it from starting.

6. Online Mock Test

The best method for practice is Online mock test.

One can practice Mock test for IBPS/SBI PO for free or paid in various sites. There are hundreds of Website available which provides free and paid online mock test for PO exams. Just google it and you will see many websites.

Candidates should take mock test every sunday (must) initially. Mock tests helps to know students weak parts, time management and more.

7. Time Management:

It is very important. It is not enough if you can solve any problems accurately, you must also need to solve it within seconds.

Even Prelims test consists of 100 questions, and you have to solve it within 60 minutes. You have to solve 35 Mathematics problem within 20 minutes.

So, You must know how to manage your time. You should be too much speedy. That is why, learn to manage time, learn to solve within minutes from the first day of your preparations.

8. Know Your Weak Point:

While taking mock test, while practicing Regularly, you should always focus on your weak points (parts).

After knowing your weak points, try to clear it as fast as possible. Keep practicing that content.

9. Stay Motivated

sbi ibps po motivational status best motivational quotes

Motivation is a magic. This magic can change a people. Demotivation can kill a brain.

You should watch motivational movie (language – english preferred) and YouTube videos. To succcess in bank exam, self motivation is a compulsory factor.

While studying your contents, you may feel something tough or easy – but these are very usual. One thing is – you need to study the tough contents more. If so, everything is possible.

Stay motivated. Stay healthy. Keep smiling. These three factors can bring you the spirit to success in any situation.

10. On The Exam Day

Everything Clear?

It’s time to go for the big war. On that day, Get up early, walk in fresh air, think about your future. Control your mind, be fresh.

Just keep in mind that, you are the best. You will crack it in any way.

Repeating again that time management is too much important. Keep it maintain in every situation.

Final Words to Crack Sbi Ibps PO:

So, these are the initial steps you should obey to succcess in any bank exams. It is 100% possible to crack it without any coaching. It is 100% possible by self study.

sbi ibps motivational quotes whatsapp status for inspiration

» 103+ High Salary Courses after Class 12th Science Stream

Just try to understand your weaker points everyday while practicing, studying. It is very important. Try to clear your weak content as soon as possible.

Repeat every single content as much as you can. Must take 2-3 mock test Every week around exam days. This will teach you how to maintain time management and exam patterns exactly and practically.

Thanks for reading the article. Please share with your friends.



103+ Best High Salary Courses after 12th Science for PCM, PCB & PCMB

high salary courses after class 12th science

High Salary Courses After 12Th Science PCM, PCB and PCMB in India

Hi Dear Students!

Do you Know dear? Only a few students search for a best and high salaried career building course seriously! Congratulations, that you are one of them dear!

INDgyan.com is ready to help you from our best. We have tried our best to provide you every single details on every single demanded, respectful and high salaried courses below. After reading the article, if you still have any query, feel 100% free to notify us by commenting below.

And Do you know dear? In today life, a high salaried jobs do not give only money, but also full of respect and perfection, amazing lifestyles as you want.

And Yes, Maximum of students failed to build a successful career even after scoring higher marks in 12th exam, you can examine yourself in your society, right? This is only because of they did not have a strong particular career ambitions. Only reason for this is – not having the exact knowledge of career counseling.

That is why, this article is most important for you dear. Must read it completely.

And one thing – do not forget to read the Final Words section below, I have shared something special for you. Without wasting our time, let have a look to our course chart after class 12th science study with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Also read our blog post on study chair with writing pad for students if you are searching to buy it.

High Salary Courses Chart and Details After Class 12th Science pcm, pcb and pcmb

how to success - indiagyan.com india gyan - high salary courses after class 12th

1. Engineering Courses after 12th Science

Average Duration: 4 Years | Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Required.

Minimum Salary Starting: Rs. 50,000/-

Engineering is one of the most preferred jobs all over the world with highest salaried career. Who do not want to be an engineer, right? It’s nice to hear, but, it is also difficult to be an engineer. But Yes, Everyone can retire as an ideal engineer by deciding a strong aim, regular and active study with a little bit motivation.

I am also want to be an engineer, You too, who do not right? But, how to be? What is the course we should take, where to take and how is this possible? Okay, Do not worry dear, we will discuss everything below. Before that, lets have a look at how many types of engineer course and career are there.

Courses Are as Follows:

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) – 4 Year
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) – 4 Year
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) – 4 Year
  • Information Technology (IT) course
  • Industrial Training Institute Courses (ITI)
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • Civil & Mechanical Eng.
  • Chemical Eng.
  • Aeronatutical & Aerospace Eng.
  • Agriculture Eng.
  • Automobile Eng
  • Bio- Techical & Medical Eng.
  • Ceramic Eng.
  • Industrial Eng.
  • Environmental Eng.
  • Marine & Mining Eng.
  • Silk & Txtile Eng. etc

Where and How to take the Engg. Courses?

The main way to is to take B.Tech and then M.Tech from various institutions of India. There are thousands of institutions of technology and Universities available in india, where you can start your journey.

Firstly, To take engineering courses in good institutions, students need to attend in Entrance exams like AIEEE, JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) MAIN, BITSAT, MET, VITEEE etc. After qualified in entrance test, students need to choose engineering category with required subjects in particular institutions.

Course Durations, Placement and Salaries:

Average course duration for B.Tech. degree is 4 years and M.Tech is a 2 years (4 semester) course, with a fee structure from RS. 50,000 approximately. After succceded in these exams, candidates can start apply in various government and private jobs, companies etc.

B.Tech and M.Tech are some of most demanded, special and standard courses in India with maximum percentage of job placement chances with very high salary. There are thousands of companies available in India, some of which are even private, but all are very high standard and salaried jobs ever.


Everyone know about the lifestyle of an engineer. How he stay, live, play, everyone know this. Your complete lifestyle will change. Free life, full of enjoyment. An engineer can easy buy Merchandise, iPhones, Macbook and everything. 

Know more by clicking here.

2. Medical courses

Average Duration: 5 Years | Physics, Chemistry, Biology Reuired.

Minimum salary: Rs. 60,000/-

Doctor is the God for every patient. A doctor donot deserve only high salary, but also lots of love and respect. Every single person in our society respect a doctor, love a doctor. That is why, doctor is one of the best ever career opportunity after 12th science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology at least.

We have provided the answer for every single normal questions, such as, which course do we need to take to become a doctor, where to study, how to qualify etc below.

You will be shocked that, there are hundreds of many different courses available under Medical Line:

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) – 5.5 Year
  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (B.U.M.S.) – 5.5 Year
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) – 5.5 Years
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) – 5.5 Year
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYS) – 4.5 Year
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Ag.Bsc) – 3 Year
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) – 5 Year
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) – 5 Year
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BTP) – 4 year
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) – 4 Year
  • BSc Nursing – 4 Year
  • Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (BOT) – 4 Year
  • Various Medical B.Sc. Courses
  • BMLT – Medical Lab Technology
  • Various Paramedical Courses etc..

Where and How to take the Medical Courses?

The main way to become a doctor is MBBS, but, moreover, students can also choose other medical couses, such as Medical for animals, paramedical, couses for pharmacy like B.Pharm etc.

There are many hospital/medical colleges available in india where a student can start the journey to become a doctor. To qualify as a medical students, he/she needs to qualify in entrance exams such as NEET, NEET PG, FMGE, CEE, JAM etc.

Course Durations, Placement and Salaries:

Average course study duration is 5.5 years. After completing these courses, there are a lots of placement opportunities available all over india. This course carries maximum chances for placement anywhere in india. Candidates after completing these courses can join at government hospitals and private hospitals too.

When we talk about salaries, it is varies from Rs. 60,000 to Lakhs (minimum). In addition to this, there are many more extra ways, champign from where candidates can earn a lot. 

3. Teaching Line

teacher day status 2020 india gyan courses high salary for class 12 science

Average Duration: 3 Years | Any Subjects Science Stream

Minimum Salary: Rs. 40,000/-

It is not matter for class 1 or master degree classes, a teacher is always the most respectful person in our society. An ideal teacher is the maker of a man, creator of ideal society. Moreover, there are lots of advantages to serve our nation by becoming an ideal teacher.

When we talk about the salary, it is around 35k at least upto Lakhs. So, how to become an ideal teacher? What are the actual processes? We have wrote everything for teaching courses after 12th science stream with any subjects (also without maths) below.

Courses Are As Follows:

  • Various General B.Sc. Courses – 3 Year
  • Diploma of Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) – 2 Year
  • Diploma of Education (D.Ed) – 2 Year
  • Early Childhood care Education Diploma Course (ECCED) – 2 Year
  • Dual & Integrated Degree: B.Sc. + B.Ed (4 Year), LLB etc.

Where and How to take the teaching Courses in India?

How to be Lower and Upper Primary Teacher: 

After completing class 12th in any subjects, if he/she wants to be a LP or UP teacher can take D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education), D.Ed. courses. For this, the candidate needs to attend in an entrance exams conducted by the boards.

Moreover, candidates should go for Bachelor Degrees for high placement chances, which is a 3 year course including 6 semesters. After Bachelor degree, candidates can now eligible for B.Ed. degrees. Else, students can also join integrated courses just after class 12th such as B.Sc.+B.Ed etc which is a combine of total 4 year course. After all, students need to qualify in CTET (Central Teacher eligibility test) or State TET with minimum 60% marks and then apply for teacher job at desired institutions. Salaries are starting from Rs.25,000 (Minimum).

How to be High School Teacher:

Candidates must have take Bachelor courses after 12th with any subjects, and must have to crack with minimum 50% marks. After this, students have to take education degree such as B.ed, M.ed etc which are 2 year degree courses. Otherwise, just after class 12th, candidates can also go for 4 year integrated courses such as B.Sc+B.Ed etc.. Finally, students need to qualify in high school level TET Examination with minimum 60% marks and then apply for teacher job at desired institutions. Salaries are starting from Rs. 35,000 (minimum).

How to be Junior College or Subject Teacher:

After class 12th, students should study bachelor as well as master degrees. Duration of course for both are 3+2 years. Moreover, candidates must have a education degree such as B.Ed., which is a two year degree course. After completing both of the degrees, candidates have to qualify in HS TET or NET exams. Finally, after qualifying all these exams, students can apply in their desired institutions. Salaries are starting from Rs. 40,000 (at least).

How to be Degree and Master Degree Level Teacher (Asst. Professor):

After Class 12th, candidates have to take Bachelor (3 year) + Master degree (2 year). Finally, students have to qualify with minimum marks in UGC/CSIR NET. Moreover, candidates can take P.hd (Doctorate degree) and M.Phill (master of philosophy), for higher placement chances in colleges and universities. Salaries are starting from Rs. 50,000 to Lakhs.

4. High Salaried Defence Courses after 12 Science

Average Duration: NIL | Any Subjects Basically PCM, PCB

Minimum Salary: Rs. 45,000/- to Lakh

high salary courses after class 12th science without neetmotivation for safe shop mi lifestyle smart value

The most stylish career ever. Now a days, everybody love them. This is  the dream of maximum students. But, how to be?  Okay! We have provided all of the necessary information for high salary defence courses after 12th science with pcm, pcb and pcmb below.

Courses and Careers are-

Where and How to take the Defence Courses?

Join NDA:

Full form of NDA is National Defence Academy, which is located at Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra and NDA provides pre-training course to join various armed forces under India Government. To join there at, candidates should have to qualify in NDA examination conducted by UPSC. NDA entrance exam is conducted twice a year. After qualifying in NDA Entrance exam, Students can apply to join at National Defence Academy.

Salary of NDA students starting from Rs. 56,000 while training and after joining in preferred armed force (basically Army, Air Force and Indian Navy), it increases. Approximately around 6,000 candidates are accepted every session for NDA course. NDA is the best defence course after 12th science. Age limit is 16 to 19 years as it is a 3 year course.

Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme (TES): 

A student is qualified for Technical Entry Scheme (TES) interview which is offered by Indian Army and conducted by Stuff Selection Board (SSB), if he clears class 12th examination with minimum 70% marks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. This scheme is only open for male candidates and age limit is 16.5 years to 19.5 years. After successfully qualified in interview, successful candidates are sent to three technical institutions, such as – College of Military Engineering (CME), Military College of Tele-Communication Engineering (MCTE), Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) for the course.

TES is one of the best opportunities for students after class 12 passed by Indian Army to become an officer in Engineering Core. After completing this course, candidates are directly appointed on the Rank of Lieutenant. While pursuing the course, which is a 5 year course, salary for the students is 8785/- per week! After completation of the course, placement is direct and the salary starts from Rs. 56,000 to 1,77,500/-. Amazing right?

Indian Army Technical: 

One of the most popular and stylish job ever. Soldiers are selected by walk in interview. Candidates must have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects in class 12th and also minimum 50% overall marks. Candidates are selected by Writing Test, Physical Test and 1.6 km running test. Minimum height of candidates should be 154 cm. Salary starting from Rs. 45000 (approximately).

Indian Army Nursing Assistant:

Candidates should clear class 12th examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as Main Subjects with 50% minimum overall marks. Selection processes are same as Army Technical. Salary is same as technical.

Indian Air Force and Navy X Group:

The most decipline , perfect and stylish job ever and is my most favourite job. Minimum educational qualification for this job is class 12th science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as main subjects with 50% overall marks and 50+ marks in English. Minimum requirement height for this job is only 154 cm. Maximum age for this job is limited to 19 years. Most of the recruitment for this types of job is selected in walk in interview. Salary started from Rs. 45,000 (Approximately).

Indian Air Force and Navy Y Group:

The second most decipline , perfect and stylish job ever. Minimum educational qualification for this job is class 12th any (arts/science/commerce) stream with 50% overall marks and 50+ marks in English. Minimum requirement height for this job is only 154 cm as like group X. Maximum age for this job is limited to 19 years just like group X. Most of the recruitment for this types of job are selected in walk in interview. Salary started from Rs. 40,000 (Approximately).

5. Few Other Courses

Study Durations: N/A | Any Subjects

Minimum Salary: 35,000/-

Some students thinks uniquely. Wants to be something different. For these students, to create the desire future, there are hundreds of courses available. Let us talk about these courses below.

Courses Are-

  • Management: Hotel, Event & Finance
  • Designing: Web, Fashion, Interior & Jewelry
  • Home Science
  • Rural Development Science
  • Journalism
  • Foreign Languages Course
  • Fire Safety Course

Where and How to take the Other Courses?

Courses like Hotel Managements, Journalism, Designing etc can take a student to their desired designation to fullfil their dreams. After completing these courses, placement jobs are very high demanded. Candidates after taking the course can join in five starts and forgeiner hotels. Salary are varient but very high. Course duration is also varies from course to course from 2 to 5 years. Students can take these courses in local colleges and universities by appearing in the entrance examinations (if required) conducted by the institutions.

6. High Salaried Professional Courses

Study Duration: N/A | Any Subjects

Minimum Salary: Rs. 50,000/-

There are many students, who like to work as per their hobby. To fulfill such dreams, there are hundreds of professional courses available in INDIA. Choose them and start the journey to your destination today. Let us discuss about this types of few courses after 12th science stream below.

Courses Are –

  • Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India (ICWA)
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India (CS)
  • Accounting Technician Course (ATC)
  • Integrated Professional Competency Course (IPCC)
  • Information Technology Training Programme (ITT)
  • Fine Arts (F.A)
  • Music and Drama Courses etc..

Final Words For Courses after 12th Science

Hope, Now you have found an exact concepts of the courses and its structure with few opportunity procedure from this article after clearing class 12 exam in science stream. Moreover, there are thousands of courses available in India, which we may not able to add here and will be updated soon as soon as we found the details.

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How To Choose Your Courses after 12th science?

Do not choose your course by following your friends. You should select it completely by yourself. It is only known to you dear, that what is your actual hobby and what you want to be. So, Course selection is only depend upon you. Firstly ask yourself, what you want to be, then select as your preference. It will automatically motivate you anytime. A career, which you do not want, will start demotivate you.

How To Crack the Entrances for courses after 12th science?

The main magic behind it is a strong aim and regular study, and nothing else. Firstly, you should make a very strong aim. So, it is suggested to select the course only by yourself, only using your own mind. Second thing is regular study. You must be regularly active. One more thing is – a strong motivation. Combination of these magics can take you to the final point of success.

As you can see, in our society, there are a lots of well educated persons, who still not get any job placements.Every single person in our society needs high salaried jobs, want to live in rich lifestyle. They study, ofcourse succeed with great results, but, finaly do not found the exact job opportunity for them. The only reason for it is that they did not get the actual and real career guidance and course structure in time. This hearts.

By thinking these situations, we have collected every single information from many sources and published this article. Hope, our little effort help you a lot. If it helps you even if just a little bit, please kindly do share with your relatives, friends.

Thanks for reading! Appriciate much Love from INDgyan.com..

4 Best and Easiest Virtual Assamese Typing Keyboard for Android


4 Best and Easiest Virtual Assamese Typing Keyboard for Android

Who donot want to talk as well as write (type) thier expressions in mother language or regional language digitally?

That is why, I have prepared this article for our Assamese friends to help to select the best and easy to use with user friendly and auto grammar corrected virtual keyboard (keypad) online. Firstly, I also searched a lot for the best ever Assamese word typing keyboards. Yeah, I found a lot. I used many of keyboard to type my own mother language. I enjoyed.

Some keyboards or keypads are little bit tough to use or not comfortable to use. Some of them are slow. But, finally I found some very best virtual keypad from internet online to type assamese word for my android phone.

I have listed all of the assamese word typing keyboard, that I used and found very best below. I have also mentioned how to install them in your android device and why they are best according to me. Hereby, please check out the complete article to know everything please. You can also read best assamese typing keyboard for pc if you require for your computer.

1. Gboard

The best ever any language words typing keypad for Android is Gboard, as well as to type Assamese words.

 Yes! It’s true. I found the “Gboard – By Google” as the most useful, easy to use and user friendly awsome keyboards to type assamese, hindi or even any language words.

Best assamese typing keyboard

Some of the most amazing tools that I found in Gboard to type or write assamese words are –

  • We can type Assamese Words very easily in both Assamese and Englo-assamese words.
  • We can type every single assamese symbol easily.
  • It can automatically correct your typed words.
  • It can provide best grammar suggestions automatically. You can choose easily or simply can also avoid it.
  • Best part – if you type in english – it can provide 99% exact and correct assamese spelling.
  • This is an android default app. So, we donot require to install any extra application.

Installation Procedure

  1. This is a default keyboards for Android. We donot need to install it. Simply Update it now if required.
  2. Go to settings , search for “input and language” or “input and keyboards” (if available)
  3. Click there and click on “current keyword”
  4. Choose Gboard from the list.
  5. Come back and click on manage Keywords, then select Gboard Settings.
  6. Click on “Language” and search for “Assamese”, click on it.
  7. You will see Two options, enable both.
  8. Its done! Now Gboard will work for three languages – English, Assamese from English word, assamese from assamese word.
  9. To type in assamese, you have to tap the space (longest button lower line) for a long time.

Gboard is my No.1 choice to type any regional language including assamese. Moreover, there are a lots of shortcut functions in Gboard to type smartly and faster. Still, I am using only Gboard to type assamese, hindi languages.

2. Rodali Assamese Keyboard

One of best and light weight keywords to type assamese language easily, smartly and too much faster is Rodali Keyboard. File size is only 1 mb, but it works better.

Rodali assamese keyboard

Let us discuss few important points my I like this much:

  • Rodali Keyboard is very light weight, only 1MB app.
  • You can type in both English and Assamese to generate Assamese words as per you need.
  • Suggestions and 80%+ accurate.

Installation Procedure:

Let us Know the installation processea below.

  • Install Rodali Keyboard from Playstore.
  • After completing installation, Open the application.
  • Now enable “Rodali Simple” (means type in assamese word) or “Rodali Phonetic” (means type in english to generate assamese) as per you need.Rodali assamese keyboard download
  • Now to use this keyboard, try to type anywhere (sms, notes) and tap on space (long) key. Select Rodali Keyboard and enjoy.

3. Google Indic Keyboard

Just after Gboard, one of the best keyboard to type Assamese word in android smartphone is Google indic Keyboard. We donot have to install it, as this is the default keyboard of any android phone.

Now why we like it, reasons are mentioned below:

  • Easy to use, fast and secure than other keyboard.
  • We donot have to install additionally.
  • Spelling mistakes auto corrections.
  • 90%+ accuracy when typed in english words.

Let us know how to enable Assamese Language in Google Indic Keyboard.

Installation Procedure:

  • Go to settings and search for “Google Indic Keyboard
  • Select your exact result and click on “select input language”
  • Now disable “use system language” and enable “Assamese and English”google indic assamese keyboard
  • That’s it. To use this keyboard, try to type anywhere (sms, whatsapp) and tap on space (longest) button.
  • Finally, select Google Indic Keyboard and enjoy.

4. Lipikaar Assamese Keyboard

One of the best and light weight virtual keyboard to type assamese word. You can also download Lipikaar keyboard to type assamese word in pc or laptop. On their Official site, we can also write or convert english-typed-assamese word to assamese word online without installing their keyboard.

Lipikaar keyboard

I did not used this keyboard. But, As I checked everything, I found its good. Have a look at this keyboard and install if you like. Installation processes are given below:

Installation Procedure:

  • Simply Install Lipikaar Keyboard from Playstore
  • Open app and click on “Install Keyboard”
  • You wll be redirected to Settings, where you have to enable this keyboard.
  • Now to use this keyboard, try to type anywhere and tap on space (long) button in your keyboard and select “Lipikaar Keyboard”

Final Words

We will update this post again if we found any other best virtual keyboard application later.

Hope, my assamese friends found a little help from this article. If so, please do share with your awesome friends to help them to select the best ever assamese typing keyboard.

From now, try to send your msg to your friends, well-wishers, loved one in own mother language using any one of these keywords.

Finally, please note that, we are not promoting any keyboard application through this post. We have only mentioned all of the best keyboard for you from our experience. Moreover, please note that, some keywords may collect personal data, so, before enabling it, keep reading the permissions.

Thanks for reading. Please share, Bye friends!