4 Best and Easiest Virtual Assamese Typing Keyboard for Android


4 Best and Easiest Virtual Assamese Typing Keyboard for Android

Who donot want to talk as well as write (type) thier expressions in mother language or regional language digitally?

That is why, I have prepared this article for our Assamese friends to help to select the best and easy to use with user friendly and auto grammar corrected virtual keyboard (keypad) online. Firstly, I also searched a lot for the best ever Assamese word typing keyboards. Yeah, I found a lot. I used many of keyboard to type my own mother language. I enjoyed.

Some keyboards or keypads are little bit tough to use or not comfortable to use. Some of them are slow. But, finally I found some very best virtual keypad from internet online to type assamese word for my android phone.

I have listed all of the assamese word typing keyboard, that I used and found very best below. I have also mentioned how to install them in your android device and why they are best according to me. Hereby, please check out the complete article to know everything please. You can also read best assamese typing keyboard for pc if you require for your computer.

1. Gboard

The best ever any language words typing keypad for Android is Gboard, as well as to type Assamese words.

¬†Yes! It’s true. I found the “Gboard – By Google” as the most useful, easy to use and user friendly awsome keyboards to type assamese, hindi or even any language words.

Best assamese typing keyboard

Some of the most amazing tools that I found in Gboard to type or write assamese words are –

  • We can type Assamese Words very easily in both Assamese and Englo-assamese words.
  • We can type every single assamese symbol easily.
  • It can automatically correct your typed words.
  • It can provide best grammar suggestions automatically. You can choose easily or simply can also avoid it.
  • Best part – if you type in english – it can provide 99% exact and correct assamese spelling.
  • This is an android default app. So, we donot require to install any extra application.

Installation Procedure

  1. This is a default keyboards for Android. We donot need to install it. Simply Update it now if required.
  2. Go to settings , search for “input and language” or “input and keyboards” (if available)
  3. Click there and click on “current keyword”
  4. Choose Gboard from the list.
  5. Come back and click on manage Keywords, then select Gboard Settings.
  6. Click on “Language” and search for “Assamese”, click on it.
  7. You will see Two options, enable both.
  8. Its done! Now Gboard will work for three languages – English, Assamese from English word, assamese from assamese word.
  9. To type in assamese, you have to tap the space (longest button lower line) for a long time.

Gboard is my No.1 choice to type any regional language including assamese. Moreover, there are a lots of shortcut functions in Gboard to type smartly and faster. Still, I am using only Gboard to type assamese, hindi languages.

2. Rodali Assamese Keyboard

One of best and light weight keywords to type assamese language easily, smartly and too much faster is Rodali Keyboard. File size is only 1 mb, but it works better.

Rodali assamese keyboard

Let us discuss few important points my I like this much:

  • Rodali Keyboard is very light weight, only 1MB app.
  • You can type in both English and Assamese to generate Assamese words as per you need.
  • Suggestions and 80%+ accurate.

Installation Procedure:

Let us Know the installation processea below.

  • Install Rodali Keyboard from Playstore.
  • After completing installation, Open the application.
  • Now enable “Rodali Simple” (means type in assamese word) or “Rodali Phonetic” (means type in english to generate assamese) as per you need.Rodali assamese keyboard download
  • Now to use this keyboard, try to type anywhere (sms, notes) and tap on space (long) key. Select Rodali Keyboard and enjoy.

3. Google Indic Keyboard

Just after Gboard, one of the best keyboard to type Assamese word in android smartphone is Google indic Keyboard. We donot have to install it, as this is the default keyboard of any android phone.

Now why we like it, reasons are mentioned below:

  • Easy to use, fast and secure than other keyboard.
  • We donot have to install additionally.
  • Spelling mistakes auto corrections.
  • 90%+ accuracy when typed in english words.

Let us know how to enable Assamese Language in Google Indic Keyboard.

Installation Procedure:

  • Go to settings and search for “Google Indic Keyboard
  • Select your exact result and click on “select input language”
  • Now disable “use system language” and enable “Assamese and English”google indic assamese keyboard
  • That’s it. To use this keyboard, try to type anywhere (sms, whatsapp) and tap on space (longest) button.
  • Finally, select Google Indic Keyboard and enjoy.

4. Lipikaar Assamese Keyboard

One of the best and light weight virtual keyboard to type assamese word. You can also download Lipikaar keyboard to type assamese word in pc or laptop. On their Official site, we can also write or convert english-typed-assamese word to assamese word online without installing their keyboard.

Lipikaar keyboard

I did not used this keyboard. But, As I checked everything, I found its good. Have a look at this keyboard and install if you like. Installation processes are given below:

Installation Procedure:

  • Simply Install Lipikaar Keyboard from Playstore
  • Open app and click on “Install Keyboard”
  • You wll be redirected to Settings, where you have to enable this keyboard.
  • Now to use this keyboard, try to type anywhere and tap on space (long) button in your keyboard and select “Lipikaar Keyboard”

Final Words

We will update this post again if we found any other best virtual keyboard application later.

Hope, my assamese friends found a little help from this article. If so, please do share with your awesome friends to help them to select the best ever assamese typing keyboard.

From now, try to send your msg to your friends, well-wishers, loved one in own mother language using any one of these keywords.

Finally, please note that, we are not promoting any keyboard application through this post. We have only mentioned all of the best keyboard for you from our experience. Moreover, please note that, some keywords may collect personal data, so, before enabling it, keep reading the permissions.

Thanks for reading. Please share, Bye friends!


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